Home Rule

The Village of Homewood embraces open dialogue and welcomes all points of view on issues. Citizens wishing to distribute information both against and for home rule are welcome to do so.

The Illinois Election Code prohibits the use of public funds to urge a vote for or against a referendum question. However, state law allows the use of public funds to disseminate factual information about the referendum. Communications from the village providing factual information and urging people to vote are permissible, provided they do not advocate a vote for or against the referendum.

The Village of Homewood Ethics Policy prohibits municipal officers and employees from engaging in political activities during compensated time. However, village officials and employees may advocate for or against the referendum if they choose to do so, provided they are not on compensated time, they are not performing their official duties and they are not on village property or using village resources.


The Homewood Municipal Code limits placement of temporary signs, including political signs, to private property. Section 86.8 (4) of the code authorizes display of signs of political, civic, philanthropic or education organizations temporarily displayed for noncommercial purposes, provided they are on private property.

If the building inspector sees a sign in the parkway or other public property near a residence, he will, if possible, place a notice at the residence front door directing that the sign must be moved onto private property within 24 hours. If the sign is not moved within 24 hours, the village will remove the sign.

The village encourages residents to educate themselves by conducting their own research in addition to the information provided on the village website.  There are pros and cons to home rule and residents should consider both sides equally.  Printed information is also available at the village hall.

The email address for each board member and the village manager is listed below.  Village Manager Jim Marino can be reached at (708) 206-3378.  Residents are welcome to meet with Mayor Hofeld in the village hall on any Saturday from 9:00 A.M. to noon.  No appointment is necessary. 

Mayor Rich Hofeld                      rhofeld@homewoodil.gov

Trustee Larry Burnson                lcburnson@homewoodil.gov

Trustee Anne Colton                   acolton@homewoodil.gov

Trustee Barbara Dawkins           bdawkins@homewoodil.gov

Trustee Jay Heiferman               jheiferman@homewoodil.gov

Trustee Lisa Purcell                    lpurcell@homewoodil.gov

Trustee Karen Washington         kwashington@homewoodil.gov

Village Manager Jim Marino       jmarino@homewoodil.gov